Will Sweden join NATO?

The threat posed by Russia has led to swift action by the Swedish government, as it pertains to debates regarding whether the country needs to join NATO or not. The reversal from the Swedish peace dividend have in the last few years originated from incursions by a submarine as well as a foreign aircraft into to Swedish territory, leading to a wake-up call.

The level of defense threat in Sweden is however, under debate, and their leaders have not come to any agreement concerning that matter, except that one cannot exclude an armed attack on the country. The country still has a number of options in the case of an insurgence. In the first place, it may choose to undertake its defense on its own. This would be aided by the number of troops and the military exercises that have been undertaken, and are the biggest in the last two decades. Further, the preparation of its citizens for any threat of war, dubbed as total defense, would also be of importance in dealing with a situation of war. The risk associated with this is that its military and citizen preparedness may fail in the case of a well planned ambush by Russia, because the country still does not have adequate military personnel.

The second option for Sweden is the signed agreement between the country and NATO, allowing them an easier operation in the case of an insurgence. However, the top political leaders are yet to agree on a strategic move because of the idea that being against NATO would mean support for Russia. The last option is to join NATO. However, this comes at a high cost, as the expenditure on the military which is required by NATO, should be a bare minimum of 2 percent of individual countries’ GDP. This would be spent whether there is a threat or not, thus heavily impacting the economy of Sweden.