Understanding Our Strategy

For any initiative to be successful there must be a plan. For this reason the strategy of the European Union to drive the agenda of the BSSSC is grounded on three pillars. These pillars are more or less like guiding principles that steer the decisions of the BSSSC.

  • Save the sea

save-the-seaOverfishing and massive pollution were some of the worrying problems that brought the Baltic states together. One of the pillars of the European Union Strategy for Baltic region is grounded on conserving the sea and all its resources.

This is so because the Baltic Sea and the ecological equilibrium of its guarantees and sustains the economies of the people of the whole Baltic Region. By preserving the sea, the area is richer, safer, less unstable and all thanks to a prosper, thriving natural resource – granted it stays in “good health”. Not only is the sea a source of wealth, but it is also a source of employment to those who take up fishing as an economic activity. Therefore, the importance of the BSSSC’s work lies in the several type of challenges that can present themselves due to, for instance, the fluctuations of the economy.

  • Connecting member states

Another pillar that influences the choices and the decisions taken by the BSSSC is a common goal of bringing people together. Through integration and trade, the states will have peaceful relations with each other. Cultural interaction is a source of unity and this is one of the biggest determinants of economic growth.

  • Increasing Prosperity

Growth must be measured. Economic growth can be quantified through a measure of wealth acquisition and in monetary terms. The member states of the BSSSC are some of the world’s strongest economies. From the inception of the co-operation there has been tremendous growth in terms of strength of the economies and the reduction of poverty levels. It is a fact that the establishment of the BSSSC has brought more economic sense in Northern Europe.

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