The Future of BSSSC

the-future-of-bssscHaving reached such great milestones, the future of the BSSSC is definitely bright. Not only there is room for improvement, but there is also an avenue to execute more and more good deeds. While much has already been done, there is still need to achieve more development and invest heavily in the next generation.

In the near future, the BSSSC will see more youth get empowered, ultimately becoming the leaders of tomorrow. This will also incorporate the idea of education being based on science and technology in order to make people more independent and equip them to compete in the global arena.

On the other hand, the BSSSC is focused on advancing that same technology towards green solutions in order to solve the climate change issues. Member states are compelled to come up with ways to enjoy and exploit the marine ecosystem without necessarily depleting the already available limited resources.

In line with the previous agenda, the BSSSC is focused on having its member states a symbol of cultural integration and cohesion. The goal is to have a regional identity rather than the individual identities of the member states: like a mini EU within the EU.

In the recent past it has emerged that certain countries have threatened the unity of the co-operation. This puts a risk on the very existence of BSSSC because a difference in ideologies is what can cause disintegration. As a result, emphasis has been put on the need for more cohesion in order to attain sustainable development.

The BSSSC has brought a lot of in the Northern part of Europe, hence the need to fight for its agenda and expand the partnerships. The future will see more neighboring countries participate in the BSSSC. Russia has opened the gates to have more neighbors of the Baltic Region form partnerships with the BSSSC. The world is yet to see what the Baltic Region can become.

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