Is the Russian Defence Growing Mightier Than NATO?

Military strength and might has been an issue in various parts of the world as a tool for fighting instability and enhancing the territorial integrity of various states. For that reason, countries have come together, pooled their resources to work to develop more modern, strategic and winning military training. Aside from guarding the member countries, members of such military alliances seek to pursue their interests in different countries.

One of the countries that has proven to have the strength and who constantly addressing its neighbors is Russia against NATO. Although the battle for supremacy between the two goes beyond the Baltic region, that area represents a significant challenge and is potentially a Warzone. But how can a single country, despite the economic disadvantages that come with sanctions imposed by the US be a constant threat to world powers combined?

One possible argument is the concept of evolution of defense, and Russia appears to be ahead of the rest. From the time of the cold war, countries have been basing their military power on the acquisition of military equipment including submarine and bombers. However, Russia is rising to yet another level, embracing the use of technology as a military strategy. Cyber has become one of the ways through the smaller Russian military is able to stand up to the powers of NATO and continually cause threat.

This could explain why the country is a big threat, even following the massive reduction of its military spending over the years. It could possibly be to the benefit of the countries that are at most threat of a Russian insurgence (the states in the Baltic region) that instead of panicking, they would increase the capacity of their military to handle technology. Decisions such as this, nevertheless remain with the leadership of each of those countries, and the considerations of the alliance members, for those belonging to NATO.