Politics: Education as an Important Role in the BSSSC

Politics: Education as an Important Role in the BSSSC
The period between World War 1 and World War 2 saw the formation of the ‘Baltic States’ (Countries that shared the Baltic Sea). At first, the reference was based solely on the geographical location of the states. In the early 1990s, four states around the Baltic Sea officially formed a political and economic union with the aim of utilizing the resources of the Baltic Sea. This union was founded to ensure that each of the four states (Russia, Germany, Sweden and Denmark) derived equal benefit from the resources.

With time, the number of th_wkg7272-copye Baltic States grew to include Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Lithuania. The union also embraced social, cultural and educational co-operation as documented in the shared website – bsssc.no.

Role of Education in the BSSSC

With time, all the states in the BSSSC union began to formulate and adopt various strategies in a bid to foster co-operation. These strategies were geared towards social, economic, political and environmental advancement. One of those strategies was an integrated education system. The member states saw integrated education systems as a two prong strategy. On one hand, this strategy would bind the countries together by creating a common base that is education. On the other hand, the education system was used a strategy to create a self-reliant and technologically advanced population instead of sending their student for higher education at Universities abroad.

In one of their summits, the leaders were quoted referring to the education system as a benchmark for the whole world to learn from. With time, this education system has seen the region produce some of the leading academics, innovators and experts of the time. Countries around the Baltic States have been well documented sending their students to the region for higher education.

Since the formation of the BSSSC, the region has experienced massive economic growth, political stability, unmatched security, youth empowerment, unprecedented innovations, unrivaled education and a thriving maritime economy. All this can be attributed to the adoption of an integrated education system. If you are looking for more information on BSSSC then please visit bsssc.no.