Political Climate in the Baltic Region and Its Security

The Baltic region is very significant in the political and security landscape of Europe. Going back in history, the term “the Baltic states” came into use after the WWII. Before WW2, there were four countries sharing the Baltic Sea coastline – Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. In the aftermath of the war, several more countries appeared (some reappeared) – Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. The Baltic region, therefore, represents a unique forum for cooperation of nations that have different statuses in principal European and Euro-Atlantic institutions. This history explains why political climate in the Baltic region has never calmed.

shutterstock_44283955Foreign political influence

The geopolitical interpretation of this region in the international system is rather complicated. The location of the Baltic state accounts for this complication. Located in a region that is circumvented by the biggest geopolitical collisions of Europe, the East-Baltic sub-region has suffered the confrontation of global powers, both maritime and continental. Your bachelor political science knowledge will inform you that the political climate in the Baltic region was, from the early stages, a result of political codes of the great powers on either side – The US and the UK. In this process, they transmitted their liberal and democratic values to the Baltic Republics.

Present day state

Today, as the tension created by relations between Russia and the West rises, the security of the Baltic States continues to hang on a flail hope. The US has expressed its total commitment to NATO to ensure that possible aggression by Russia along the borders of the Baltic States is avoided. There are talks to send four battalions to Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland – two from the US and the other two from Germany and the UK. Nevertheless, political science experts and analysts insist that Russia is still an imminent threat to the security of the Baltic States. The Baltic Agenda will hopefully change the story.