Partnerships with the BSSC

partnerships-with-the-bsscThe greatest partnership that has seen the BSSSC thrive is that with the European Union. The EU has been a source of funding as well as a foundation of all the activities of the BSSSC.

The EU has come out to ensure that policies are properly implemented for the good of Northern-European citizens. The partnership with the EU has equipped the BSSSC with a moral and economic grounding in order to ensure that all advancements are made through sustainable growth. In addition to ensuring that policies are put down in a proper fashion, the EU has come a long way to propel initiatives by the BSSSC. As a matter of fact, the EU has been at the forefront when it comes to compelling the BSSSC to have initiatives that will lead to the fullfilment of their goals. On the other hand, the EU provides an avenue for dialogue and co-operation among the leaders of the member states.

By having a neutral party to facilitate such conversations, there is little room for controversy. By being the voice of reason, the EU has offered a platform for consultancy and as an international body it has been more or less the wisdom behind the success of the plans by the BSSSC. As a partner, particularly in regards to the EU strategy for the Baltic Region, the EU monitors progress and demands accountability from the leaders of the Baltic Region. It is such a partnership that has seen the BSSSC excel in its functions.

Other partnerships that have facilitated the growth and efficiency of the BSSSC are with bodies such as:

  • Nordic Road Association
  • Airports Region Conference
  • Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Area.

It is partnerships such as these that have helped the Baltic states realize their dream of sustainable development and environmental conservation: they have proven to be the very best strategy to enhance the results of a co-operation.

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