Russian Aggression Making the Baltic’s Nervous

With the recent further posturing of Vladimir Putin’s Russian Army, and the election of Donald J. Trump to the highest office in the United States this past month, things are starting to get a little tenser across the Baltic region. The election of Trump, who stated from day one

U.S. and Russian Policies Harming the Baltic!

Just as has been seen in the past in Vietnam and in Afghanistan, when two big boys on the block begin to toy with each other the countries and people who are most egregiously harmed are seldom the populations of those two nations but those from the proxy countries

Political Climate in the Baltic Region and Its Security

The Baltic region is very significant in the political and security landscape of Europe. Going back in history, the term “the Baltic states” came into use after the WWII. Before WW2, there were four countries sharing the Baltic Sea coastline – Russia, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. In the aftermath