Outcomes From the Establishment of the BSSSC

While the BSSSC has been resourceful, it is important to measure or evaluate the milestones that have come out of the co-operation. Years after its inception, the people of the Baltic region have had a lot to reap from the establishment of the BSSSC.

  • Green innovations

green-innovationsThere is heavy investment towards having environmental friendly innovations. By shifting the focus from the common ways of manufacturing, pointing people towards green innovations has come a long way to push for environmental-friendly ways of manufacturing and running industries.

  • Youth Empowering

The BSSSC has facilitated youth mentorship and empowered this particular section of the population. Through creating platforms for networking with their leaders, the youth in the region has more opportunities to learn and be shaped into a winning, environmental aware, conscious next generation.

  • Improved Infrastructure

The BSSSC has brought new light by equipping the member countries with state of the art infrastructure. From roads to bridges, the member states of the BSSSC have hit milestones towards making trade easy through proper transport media. This has seen trade grow to remarkable heights.

  • Maritime Economy

Through preservation of the Baltic Sea, the marine life has been revived. This comes with numerous benefits, since maritime economy contributes greatly to the financial muscle of this region. Controlled and regulated fishing has seen significant growth in the trade and export of marine goods and services.

  • Education

More and more people are properly educated with a focus on building digital and technological innovations. The education system has improved in the whole Baltic area and is geared towards making the people self-reliant, true innovators. Basing most of the education on technological advances, in the near future this region will be the centre of technology for the entire world to learn from.

It is evident that that BSSSC has brought great advancement to the well being of its citizens.

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