Conferences, Meetings and News

conferences-meetings-and-newsThere have been a number of conferences and meetings to drive the agenda of the Baltic states forward. For the Baltic region to grow, having international conferences to discuss problems and possible solutions is crucial.

The 20th Annual Conference in Norway was one of the most successful meetings held by the BSSSC. Some of the outcomes from this conference have seen the member states come up with brilliant visions in response to the main topic discussed, Green Innovations. The BSSSC’s member states have demonstrated to be at the forefront for inventing and ingenious ideas to circumvent global warming and pollutions, shedding some light on the quickening of climate change and the importance of putting emphasis on organic measures to sustain the world’s natural resources.

The world known Helsinki conference on climate change and global warming, held in Finland, saw one of founding pillars of the BSSC fully executed: by calling on the world leaders and raising a voice on environmental matters, more and more countries have taken an initiative to promote a cleaner and better habitat for the good of mankind and the entire world. This kind of insight can be accredited to the EU and BSSSC for being among the first bodies in the world to be conscious of the need to conserve the environment.

Other conferences such as the 7th Strategy forum and the 23rd conference in Sweden have also been fundamental in driving change and giving perspective to the rest of the world in line with the mandates of the BSSSC.

Conferences and meetings set up by the BSSSC have put their member states on the frontline for environmental, political and economical advancement, and the countries in the Baltic region are now regarded as visionaries for the development of mankind, while at the same time letting the world know about the work of the BSSSC.

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