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Can Sweden Defend Its Territory

Sweden appears to be one of the most fearful of war in the Baltic region. While the other countries seem not to take the actions by Russia seriously, Sweden is moving forward with the agenda. This January, plans have been put forward to issue leaflets to its citizens as

Tension continues to rise in the Baltic region

Tension continues to rise between Russia and the NATO allied countries. These tensions are purely based on fear and the lack of trust between the cooperation members. On one side are the countries that are allied to NATO and on the other is Russia. Moreover, over the past few

Can Russia successfully launch a cyber war against the Baltic States?

Traditionally, the military has been about the protection of land, air and water. However, today, it has become important to protect cyberspace. This came about following the cyber attacks on the US government agencies and multinational corporations among others. Although the attackers are often not traceable and have been