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Is the Russian Defence Growing Mightier Than NATO?

Military strength and might has been an issue in various parts of the world as a tool for fighting instability and enhancing the territorial integrity of various states. For that reason, countries have come together, pooled their resources to work to develop more modern, strategic and winning military training.

Military Spending in the Baltic States

The global spending on defence is forecasted to be at its highest in the year 2018, following the projections, which show that countries will spend up to $1.67 trillion, which is a slight increase from the all time post cold war highest of $1.63 trillion. This heightened expenditure is

Are US Sanctions the Solution?

The aggression perceived by Russia and its consequential massive military training and preparedness appears to be based on a less than pleasant relationship with the US. An example of this is the recent interceptions of US bombers that were followed by massive assignment of the Navy in the Baltic