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Is it Difficult for International Students to Study Abroad

Many students choose to attend college in a foreign location, thereby qualifying them as “international students.” During their four-year program, many international students choose to study abroad, which is different than them studying internationally. These students often hope to forge a career in international trade, politics, economics or diplomacy.

Will Sweden join NATO?

The threat posed by Russia has led to swift action by the Swedish government, as it pertains to debates regarding whether the country needs to join NATO or not. The reversal from the Swedish peace dividend have in the last few years originated from incursions by a submarine as

Is the Russian Defence Growing Mightier Than NATO?

Military strength and might has been an issue in various parts of the world as a tool for fighting instability and enhancing the territorial integrity of various states. For that reason, countries have come together, pooled their resources to work to develop more modern, strategic and winning military training.