Can Sweden Defend Its Territory

Sweden appears to be one of the most fearful of war in the Baltic region. While the other countries seem not to take the actions by Russia seriously, Sweden is moving forward with the agenda. This January, plans have been put forward to issue leaflets to its citizens as a way of warning them of the possibility of war within the region. However, aside from just leaflets, the ministry of defence has also indicated the possibility that the current happenings are likely to undermine its territorial integrity.

One may wonder why their fears appear to be more escalated compared to the other countries, or rather, one may ask, why are these drastic measures not being taken by Latvia, or Lithuania? One speculated reason is that, unlike the United States, Sweden is not part of NATO. This only means that the other countries may be basking on the confidence on their confidence in the combined military powers that make up NATO including the US and the UK. This only means that in the case of war, it would have its singular troops to combat those of Russia. Another possibility is that they may not have sufficiently prepared for any possible war in comparison with the preparations and the exercises made by Russia, and so the country is seeking an early alliance against a possible invasion.

One might wonder how leaflets alone work against the mighty and prepared Russian forces. Reports indicate that their purpose of merely for educational purposes, and prepared to handle any outcome of a possible cold war. This is in addition to the nationwide military training and placements on the Gotland Island. Despite these efforts, the country may not have an adequate number of forces because of earlier forces that based military recruitment on volunteering rather than conscription.