In the wake of numerous challenges facing the world, the need for co-operation and sharing ideas has arisen. International bodies have come together to bring people to a common ground in order to find solutions to the most pressing problems in society. The Baltic Sea Sub-regional Co-operation is one such body that was created in an effort to restore the lost glory of the Baltic region.

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BSSSC is a political network that was designed for the leaders of the nations around the Baltic Sea. This network was meant to target the local authorities in that area to come together to find solutions to the urgent issues in the region. Even though the BSSSC was meant to be a political network platform, the outcomes and resolutions from the numerous discussions have proven to have economic sense and have benefited the people of the Baltic Sea Region.

The Baltic sea region has made numerous steps forward because of effective and efficient partnerships, so there is much information that is of key interest to economists and policy makers.