Welcome to this page. Here you will find interesting news, politics and information about the Baltic region. The articles on the various pages are meant for readers from all walks of life, from political enthusiasts to policy makers. The political situation of the member states is largely discussed, with comprehensive information about the anxieties caused by Russia’s perceived military threat. This threat includes possible cyber or hybrid war.

More particularly, Russia’s involvements with military training and exercises around its Baltic sea coastline, its recent intercepts of the US bomber, and the possibility of cyber attacks are discussed. Also, the page contains information on how Russia’s neighbours continue to react to such threats. It is especially noted that while Sweden appears to be in a state of panic, other countries continue to solely rely on protection from NATO. Additionally, there is a web page that explains the options of non-NATO members like Sweden.

The website also provides a discussion of military spending, and whether the increased budgetary allocation to the defense departments of the NATO member states is a result of the threat of Russia or due to other political issues. Furthermore, the discussion includes other ways through which Russia can be contained, particularly as it pertains to the discussion of the role of sanctions, and their repercussions. The issue of cyber war is also discussed. The web page attempts to analyse the impact of a hybrid military strategy as opposed to just cyber war, or traditional land, sea and air warfare.